Official spokesman for the General Authority for Transport: 200 million deliveries of orders in Saudi Arabia during 2023, the largest share for Riyadh.

The official spokesman for the General Authority for Transport, Saleh Al-Zwaid, said that the order delivery sector recorded more than 200 million deliveries in various parts of Saudi Arabia during the year 2023.

Al-Zwaid confirmed to “Eqtisad Al-Sharq with Bloomberg” that Riyadh had the largest share of these requests, followed by Jeddah, through 37 companies licensed in this sector.

According to Al-Eqtisadiah, Al-Zwaid explained that the light transport activity, which is concerned with delivering orders and parcels via small vehicles whose weight does not exceed 3.5 tons, today includes 100 licensed companies, and the General Authority for Transport yesterday issued 6 regulatory decisions for the sector that will begin to be implemented on the first of April, allowing it to grow. It increases the quality of services and operating efficiency.